Choose hotels in the center of Vienna close to the sights

Many people tend to choose the central hotels as the place for their stay. There are a lot of reasons for this, starting from the obvious one. Staying in the city center, you will have all the sights within easy reach. In other words you will experience no problems in making your own excursion after the main sightseeing tour. All you shall do is to go outside the hotel with a map of the city center. The other reason is mostly suitable for businessmen, as all the business facilities also tend to be placed in the city center, where they can be easily reached all at once. So choosing this area to stay you will easily get to any of the business centers or meeting places without spending too much time on your way. The other reason to choose the hotels in the center of Vienna is the closeness of the fashionable restaurants, cafes, bars etc. Staying here, you will never experience the problem of choosing where to go for a dinner. A lot of restaurants with various cuisines will be glad to treat you the best way they can. Also all the shops are placed here as well, so if you’re planning to make some shopping tour it will be the perfect place to start. Very important feature goes about the various entertainments. All the valuable festivals are usually taking place in the city center, so staying here you most likely will be in the center of everything.

Here are some hotels in the center of Vienna for your consideration.

Radisson Blu Style Hotel 5star hotel is said to be the most close to the city center, only about 300 meters to the destination. It’s close to the Minorite Church and the famous Burgtheater as well as well known Hofburg Imperial Palace. From here you will get the easy access to the transport joints in case you’re traveling to further destinations. If you’re traveling on your car, the parking is available.

Steigenberger Herrenhof Wien is also rated as 5star and located within 400 meters from the city center. Here you will get the full range of services including the touristic help in all the aspects. Feel free to explore the city.

If you prefer the budget stay, opt for Bajazzo hotel as an adequate quality of the 3star accommodations. This is one of the hotels in the center of Vienna offering easy access to the Hofburg Imperial Palace and Burgtheater.

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