Opt for 5 star Vienna hotels for your best comfort

Why do people tend to choose the 5star hotels for their stay, what do they expect from this type of accommodations? There are the set of obvious features that draw the visitors to these hotels constantly. First of all here you will get the perfect room with professionally designed interior and all the luxury amenities. The king size bed, marble bathroom and the fresh newspaper every morning are just a small part of what the 5 star Vienna hotels usually have to offer. The location is the reason to choose these accommodations as well. Most high class hotels are placed in the city center, offering the direct access to the sights and business centers, restaurant, cafes, bars, shops, etc. However they are not only close to the city beauties but also are located and build the special way that allows you to savor the breathtaking view over the sights of the city. The other valuable feature is the level of service. You are not going to experience any difficulties when staying in the 5 star Vienna hotels; the staff is attentive enough to serve you in all cases and to treat you as the real king of queen. Be sure none of our asking will be left without the appropriate attention. One more reason is the discounts the 5stat hotels tend to offer to their regular clients. If you’re constantly staying in the hotels of one chain during your journeys, you will most likely receive the discount card.

Let’s consider the most popular 5 star Vienna hotels.

Steigenberger Herrenhof Wien is located in the city center close to Hofburg Imperial Palace, offering an easy access to the most wanted city sights. Here the wide range of services is offered including SPA and fitness hall, sauna, Turkish bath and much more. The parking lot is free for the hotel guests.

Ambassador hotel is yet another 5star hotel that was totally refurbished in 2000. It’s perfectly suitable for businessmen as it offers fully equipped business center, meeting halls for small groups and the supporting services. The luxury banquette hall will appear to be the perfect place for celebration or corporate party.

Hotel Sacher Wien is one more of the 5 star Vienna hotels close to Hofburg Imperial Palace. This hotel is perfect for the leisure as it offers the touristic help on reception and the wide range of SPA services.

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